Document guides#

Request access to Pretrained AI#

Request access to pre-trained models using the following tutorial.

1. Register#

  1. Register for free on

  2. You can then select the language of the user interface on the top right. This change will not impact the AI, as we support 70+ languages.

2. Set up a Project#

  1. Create a Project

  2. Click on Categories. One category was automatically created. Click on it to access the Category details. Change the name of the category to the type of documents you are looking to extract.

3. Define the Document Categories#

  1. You will find a Label Sets named as the Project you just created.

  2. Rename this to the type of document you want to extract.

  3. If you have different types of documents, add a cateogory for any type of document you want to process.

  4. Invite to get access to pre-trained models. In case we have build pre-trained AI in the past we will link your project to
    those. We will add one Extraction AI per Document Category you created and email you as soon as the project is ready.