Form Parsing#

In this tutorial, we provide example structures of forms and examples of how to parse those.

Form parsing with anchors#

If you find a descriptive structure, i.e. anchors, in the form data, you can expect high accuracy extraction results with one document.

Create the following labels

  • Original Approval

  • Current Certificate

  • Certificate Expiry

  • Certificate Number

Form Parsing OCR

Some Labels refer to dates you can change the Data Type to “Date” so that the dates get normalized. The value “31. August 2018” will be normalized to “2018-08-31”.


Form parsing without anchors#

In case the form provides no anchors you need to come up with your names of the Labels. As many elements could be parsed we show how to label the Company, Certificate and version of the certificate.

  • Company

  • Certificate

  • Version of Certificate


Multiple lines#

Use the lasso to create Annotations which span multiple lines.

Multi-line Form Parser