A Project is the main concept. No data can be shared across projects, only AI models can be shared.

Create a Project#

Go to Home and click on the Add button next to Project to create and name a new project.

Add a new project

Project Details#



Verbose Name of the Project.

Decimal Separator#

Change the decimal separator used to compile the CSV File. Have a look here to see how to change the decimal separator in MS Excel.

Enable Assignee#

Will allow assigning users to Documents if enabled.

Notify Assignee#

If project’s document has value for assignee field and project notify_assignee value is True, then we send emails about processing of this document to assignee person.

Default Assignee#

We allow defining a “default assignee” user on project level for the projects documents. If this value is declared on a project, newly uploaded documents are automatically assigned to the projects default assignee. It’s possible to set this value from both the API and the Admin panel through the (default_assignee field). When a Project is newly created, the creation user is automatically set as default assignee (functionality in the Admin panel & upwards v3_api only).

Wrong editing user warnings#

When enabled, this option will trigger a warning when the user editing the document is not the assigned user. Something which can help you in your workflow by making sure that the right users are annotating their assigned documents. No limitations or restrictions are imposed when this setting enabled, the user can also simply reject this warning.


Automatically Rotate Documents#

If enabled, when Konfuzio detects a file that is not oriented correctly, depending on the chosen option (“90 degree rounding” or “exact rotation”), it will rotate the relevant page(s) automatically.

  1. option “90 degree rounding”: Page(s) are automatically rotated to the nearest 90 degrees.

  2. option “exact rotation”: Pages(s) are automatically rotated at the exact rotation angle in order to make sure that text is displayed horizontally.

Example of “exact rotation”:


  • Left: A document before being uploaded, the document is angled.

  • Right: The document after being uploaded, with automatic rotation enabled and option: “exact rotation”

This feature does not change existing documents, it only applies to newly uploaded ones.

For new Projects, the option to rate at “90 degree rounding” is selected by default.

This feature is not available on all projects.

Categorization AI#

Active or deactivate Categorization AI in the Project.


Categorization AI Parameters#

There are advanced configurations for the training of a categorization AI that can be adjusted to achieve a better fitting for your case.

The categorization AI, by default, considers a combination of the text and image features of your documents. Therefore, the categorization of a document will be based on the text of the document and the images of its pages.

However, you can adapt the classifier and choose to only use a text model and, therefore, categorize only based on the text features, for example. The same is possible for only image features.

To do that, you need to pass the JSON object document_classifier_config in the “Categorization AI Parameters”. To disable the usage of text features, set text_model to null:

  "document_classifier_config": {
    "text_model": null

Conversely, to disable the usage of image features, set image_model to null:

  "document_classifier_config": {
    "image_model": null

Furthermore, within each module it is possible to choose the AI architecture and configuration responsible to extract the features.

You change the AI architecture used in the text module by defining its name. The available architectures and respective possible arguments in the text module can be seen here.

For example:

  "document_classifier_config": {
    "text_model": "nbow"
  "document_training_config": {
    "dropout_rate": 0.2

The same is possible for the image module. The available architectures and respective possible arguments in the image module can be seen here.

For example:

  "document_classifier_config": {
    "image_model": {
      "name": "efficientnet_b0"
  "document_training_config": {
    "freeze": true

If text_model is not present in the parameters, the default value of nbowselfattention is used. If image_model is not present, the default value of efficientnet_b0 is used.

Project ID#

ID of the Project used in the REST-API

Domain whitelist#

A list of newline-separated domains which are allowed to embed public documents for this project. Domains should be in lowercase and without protocol, i.e. “”.

Page Limit#

Maximum Number of Pages per Document.

Auto-Deletion of Documents#

Konfuzio allows the auto-deletion of documents with dataset status equal to None. Documents example: document-empty-dataset-status To activate auto-deletion, you need to set auto_delete_documents_after_days to the number of days after which the documents of this project should be deleted. You can set the value of this field using API and the user interface: project-set-delete-documents-time By default, the value is empty, which turns auto-deletion off. Once, auto_delete_documents_after_days is set, the Konfuzio server will automatically delete documents each day according to this rule.

Delete a project#

Go to the List of Projects and select the project you want to delete.


This will irreversible delete all data of your project. A project can only be deleted if it has no documents in the project which dataset status are set to “Training” or “ Test”.