Please Note: This feature if only available to SaaS Pro Users on

Please Note: If you want to setup the Snapshot feature for self-hosted installation please refer to

A Snapshot allows to save a specific state of a Project and to restore it later. The Snapshot creation relies on the export_project command of the Konfuzio SDK.

Add a Snapshot#

Click HOME > Snapshots > Add Snapshot + to create a Snapshot.


Select Modus#

A Snapshot can be created using different “Modes”. The Mode determines which data is included in the Snapshot.

Dataset Mode#

The Snapshot will include all Training and Test Documents. In addition to the Documents all Categories, Label Sets, Labels and Annoation are included as well. The Snapshot creation will fail if your current Projekt does not include any Training- or Test Documents.

AI-Models Mode#


You can Restore a Snapshot into a new Project by selecting the Snapshot and choosing “Restore Snapshot into a new Project”.


Snapshots for Self-hosted Installations#

Restore on a different Konfuzio Environment#

Please Note: This is only available to Users with multiple self-hosted Konfuzio environments

flowchart TD User -- 1. Create Snapshot --> A1 User -- 3. Request Snapshot Restore --> B1 S[Snapshot Storage:\nS3 or FileSystemStorage] subgraph Konfuzio Environment A A1[Web & API Container] A2[Other Worker Containers] end subgraph Konfuzio Environment B B1[Web & API Container] B2[Other Worker Containers] end A2 -- 2. Upload --> S S -- 4. Download --> B2

In order to restore a Snapshot across Konfuzio environments the location where Snapshot are stored must be accessible by both Konfuzio Environments.

Snapshot Restore via web interface.#

A Snapshot from a different Konfuzio environment can be imported by entering the Snapshot identifier.


Snapshot Restore via CLI#

A Snapshot from a different Konfuzio environment can be imported via python project_import the command line. For more details please refer to

Snapshots Permissions#

The Permission to create, read, update or delete a Permission must be assigned to a User via Roles. In order to use all Snapshot features you need to assign:

can view snapshot
can add snapshot
can change snapshot
can delete snapshot

can view snapshotrestore
can add snapshotrestore
can change snapshotrestore
can delete snapshotrestore

To learn more about Roles and Permission click here.