Document Validation UI#

The Document Validation UI is an intuitive user interface, especially created to help users to navigate easily through the different steps involved in reviewing the information that has automatically been extracted by our Extraction AI from a specific Document.

The aim of this interface is to provide the users in their daily work with:

  • Clear guidance on how to review the extracted data.

  • Tools to decrease the time spent analysing the Documents (such as keyboard navigation).

  • Multiple editing options, such as renaming or changing the Category of a Document, or making changes or corrections to the extracted Annotations, among many others that will be explained in more detail in the upcoming sections of this guide.

  • A secure environment where users can make sure all the information in the Document is correct, whether the Document Validation UI is hosted in our Konfuzio server, located in Germany, or self-hosted on the client’s server of choice.

This interface has the following different sections:

  • Document Top Bar

  • Document Thumbnails

  • Document Pages

  • Document Annotations

  • Toolbar


It allows you to preview all the pages in a Document, review and create Annotations, change a Document name as well as its Category, and make additional edits to the Document such as rotating or reordering its pages, and even splitting it into new Documents.

For more details on these available features make sure to take a look at our Review Documents section.

And if you are interested in knowing how to integrate the Document Validation UI into your existing Project, you can check out our Developer Guide.