Upload documents by e-mail#

Apart from using the web interface or the REST API, you can also submit documents to Konfuzio via email.

To start, you need the ID for the project you want to upload your document(s) to.

Once you have it, you can start composing an email to automation+ID@konfuzio.com, where ID stands for your project ID. For example, if you want to upload to a project with ID 123, the recipient should be automation+123@konfuzio.com. Please use the TO field when sending the email, as we will not process documents sent to Konfuzio via CC or BCC.


You should then attach to the email the document(s) you wish to upload (see supported file types). Documents sent by email should have a maximum file size of 10 MB.

If you have images in your documents, do not inline them inside the email’s body — use the attachment feature of your email client.

If you specify an email body, it will also be converted to PDF, and prepended to every document you attach to your email. If you specify an email body but no attachments, the body itself will become a stand-alone document.

Finally, make sure you’re sending the email from an address that has (1) a Konfuzio account and (2) access to the project you want to upload to.

Once the documents have been sent, you should receive a confirmation email back in 10 minutes, listing the status of your documents and whether they have started processing correctly. You will then be able to see these documents on the Konfuzio dashboard. The categorization and extraction (if configured) will start automatically. However, the usage of a “callback_url” is not possible with the email integration.