Additional features#

Apart from the features mentioned in the previous sections, the Document Validation UI offers some additional options to edit and review a Document.

Change the Document name#

You will be able to change the Document name at any moment during the review process.

Change file name

Rotate the Document Pages#

If you notice that a Page in the Document does not have the correct angle, you will be able to rotate it by selecting the specific Page you want to rotate, and clicking the “Rotate selected” button that you will find at the bottom of the right sidebar, in the edit mode, which can be accessed from the Document Toolbar.

Rotate single Page

You can also rotate all Pages at once, by simply clicking the “Rotate all” button, also located at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Rotate all Pages

Rotating the Document Pages will result in a new extraction of the data, so any manually added or reviewed data will be lost.

Zoom in, zoom out and fit to the screen size the Document Pages#

It is possible to make the previewed Document Pages bigger or smaller, according to your needs, by clicking the corresponding button from the Toolbar.

Zoom in

Zoom out

Fit to screen size

This option is available both in the main view and in the edit mode.


Keyboard actions#

As mentioned in the Document Validation UI overview, one of the main goals of this interface is for users to be able to review Documents fast and efficiently. This is why users can also do this by using their keyboard.



Navigate up and down the list of extracted data

Arrow Up & Arrow Down

Accept the currently active Annotation


Reject the data that does not exist in the Document


Cancel the edit mode


Finish the review, when the button is enabled and currently focused