CSV Export#

Export results#

To export results, click DOCUMENTS. Select the Documents whose data you want to download by ticking them. You can select up to 100 Documents. If you select multiple Documents here, they will be combined into one CSV file. Select the action “get all data as a CSV file” in the action tab and click on “go”. The download of the CSV file should start automatically. CSV files can be used with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

Open CSV file in Excel#

Due to the use of different character sets in Excel and CSV files, formatting may be displayed incorrectly when importing CSV files into Excel. To solve this problem, proceed as follows.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel

  2. Click on the “Data” option in the menu bar.

  3. Then select the “Import from Text/CSV” option.

  4. In the dialog that appears, navigate to the location of the CSV file you want to import. Click on the file name and then click Import

  5. The CSV import can now be configured. Select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) as the file origin and semicolon as the separator. Then click on Load to display the file correctly.

Sample CSV Output#

Assume the following structure

graph LR subgraph Users in Project User --- Project end subgraph Category Project --- Invoice end subgraph Label Set Invoice --- Info[Invoice] Invoice --- Item[Invoice item] end subgraph Label Info --- Total[Gross amount] Item --- Product[Product Name] Item --- Price[Unit Price] Item --- Subtotal Item --- Quantity end

Assume the AI is trained and you upload the following invoice:


The header and the first row of the exported CSV looks like the following table.





Label Set

Label Set_number

Invoice item__quantity

Invoice item__product name

Invoice item__unit price

Invoice item__subtotal

Gross amount


Sample invoice demo.pdf



Invoice item



B-3025, Farbe Grün Musterartikel





Name of the file

Unique ID to identify the document

Category of the document recognized by the AI

Defined invoice items

Assignment to an invoice item

Quantity of service in an invoice item

Description of the service in an invoice item

Unit price of the service of an invoice item

Subtotal of an invoice item

Gross amount of the invoice

Sample CSV Output without Label Sets#

If you only use one Label Set in your Category and don’t create any additional Label Sets, the CSV Export will have a different format. Each row in the CSV will represent one Annotation.