Split the Document#

The option to split a Document (as well as rotate or reorder Pages) can be found in the Document edit mode, that you can access from the Document Toolbar.

Enter edit mode

If you realise that the Document should be divided into different ones (for example, you have uploaded a set of Pages where some should belong to an invoice and others to a payslip), you have the option to split it into smaller ones by selecting the exact point where the new ones should start and end.

Split Document

After you have decided where the Document will be split, you can click the “Next” button located on the Document Top Bar, so that you can review the new Documents that will be created, change the name of each Document and select the appropriate Categories for each of them.

Split overview

Once any of the previously mentioned changes are done, you can click the “Submit” button, located on the Document Top Bar, to save the changes.

Submit changes

Please note that when splitting a Document, the original Document will be deleted, and you will be redirected to the first newly created Document.