Confirming or changing the Category of the Document#

After uploading a Document, if the Extraction AI is trained enough, it will assign a Category to it based on the type of information it contains. If it cannot determine the right Category, you will be able to select it manually, from the list of available ones.

When you open a new Document, you will be able to confirm if the current Category is the correct one or change it if it isn’t, or choose the right one, and this will help the Extraction AI to be more accurate in the future.



The Category of a Document can also be changed later on, as long as there are no accepted or manually created Annotations in that Document, since the information will be extracted again to match the new Category.


Please note that having a wrong Category will potentially lead to some data not being extracted, or not being extracted correctly, which will result in more corrections needed to be made by the reviewer. And the opposite will happen if the Category is the right one for that specific Document.